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Gladwin Vaughn Architecture continues the principles and builds upon the traditions and values established by the former BFB Gladwin Architects and before that, the Florida-based firm, Barnett Fronczak Barlowe Architects.


What follows is Our Story…

In the mid-1970s, Rick Barnett and Dave Fronczak relocated to Tallahassee, Florida to open a branch office of the Tampa, Florida firm, Rowe Holmes Associates Architects, who had restored a warehouse building as their office in the heart of Tampa’s downtown. Rick and Dave came to Tallahassee with the same goal of establishing their office in Tallahassee’s downtown, where they rehabilitated Gallie’s Hall, a historic 1876 Opera House. In 1985 they became Barnett Fronczak Architects (BFA).

In 2001 and upon graduating from Harvard University with a Master of Architecture in Urban Design, Céline Gladwin joined BFA as a project manager and then project architect. In Spring 2004, Céline mentored Erin Vaughn, then a local high school student. Erin left to pursue her degree in architecture at the University of Florida but returned to BFA as an intern every summer and between undergraduate and graduate school. In 2005, BFA became Barnett Fronczak Barlowe Architects (BFBA).

In 2006, Céline decided with her husband Ransom, a new Valdosta State University professor, to move to Valdosta, Georgia. Céline’s departure from Tallahassee sparked the opportunity to recreate what Rick and Dave did in Tallahassee and located her office in the Historic Roberts Building in downtown Valdosta. In 2009, Gladwin became a partner and established BFB Gladwin Architects in Georgia.

Meanwhile, Erin was completing her master’s degree at Tulane University in New Orleans. Upon graduation, Erin worked for a contractor designing high end specialty homes and became a licensed architect, until Céline offered her a job in the Valdosta office. In October 2018, BFB Gladwin Architects amicably separated from our sister firm in Florida and became Gladwin Vaughn Architecture.

Our passions lie in historic preservation, community, and in the design process. We have a fully virtual firm, as well as a beautiful office in the Historic Roberts Building in downtown Valdosta. The mission for our firm is to deliver unique and creative design solutions that are contextual and exceed our clients’ expectations. We both have a shared vision for the firm to foster creativity and fun in a flexible and contemporary work environment.

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