The VSU Odum Library Interior Renovation project consisted of the Second floor interior renovations of “Old Odum Library” (built 1968-1972) located on the main campus of Valdosta State University. This project involves renovating approximately 6,500 sf, mainly on the west side of the main floor and including the front lobby space of Old Odum to create a Learning Center / Academic Hub within the library.  The design goal is to create a collaborative open space that creates an active learning and tutoring environment that’s easily accessible to all students, offering peer to peer tutoring as well as casual faculty and student(s) interaction, reinforcing and supplementing classroom learning.

Cost: $2,109,500

Owner: Valdosta State University

Contractor: Quillian Powell Construction Design- Build

Completion: Winter 2018                

Services Provided: Design; Construction Documents, Finish Selections ,Construction Contract Administration

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